Monday, February 15, 2010

A Survey Teaser…

Before our big salary survey, which is now closed and being tallied, we ran a one-question poll on the sidebar of the blog.  The single question, “Do you feel fairly financially compensated for your museum work?”, was mostly intended to get the ball rolling and to get people thinking.  We had 23 responses, and the results are seen below.


An overwhelming 52% said an outright “no.”  Only 3 people out of 23 said “yes.”  That, fellow Museos, speaks volumes.  WHY IS NO ONE ELSE SHOUTING ABOUT THIS?  WHY IS EVERYONE JUST ACCEPTING LOW PAY? WHERE IS THE REVOLUTION?

Oops.  My caps lock got stuck for a minute.  Strange.

Thank you to all who participated!  There is another poll along the sidebar about volunteering.

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